Monday, January 16, 2012

Mizuno Wave Run 2012 – Universiti Putra Malaysia

This is a run that I didn’t even plan on running. Heck, I didn’t even register for this run. I guess I have to thank Izuan for this. It’s a funny story on how Azu, Nana and me (all 3 of us didn’t register for this run initially) signed up for the run at the very last minute. 
This what happened during lunch:
Izuan : "I need to go to curve today!"
Me : "Nape?"
Izuan : "Nak collect race pack for Mizuno Wave Run"

So of we go to curve to collect Izuan's race pack.
At the collection booth, Izuan took out his blackberry to check his email for the proof of payment/registration confirmation.

A picture worth a thousand words.
Izuan : "Alamak, tak register la rupanya!!"

So that is how we ended up registering for the run, all four of us.

At the start of the paragraph, I wrote “This is a run that I didn’t even plan on running”. Why? The very reason is on the name of the race itself, Mizuno WAVE Run. It is organized by the Pacesetter and the route has been well known to be hilly every year. I'm not kidding, i hate hills. Usually (read: all the time) I will just walk up the hills and run the downhills. 

So this is the 2nd race of the year i joined.

But this is a run that i did not regret joining, managed to finish the run in 55mins40secs. a PB for 10k!! All four of us managed to complete it within 1 hour. Not a big deal for most people, but it is a big deal for me. For the first time i managed a sub-1hr for a 10km run :)

Despite all the hills, I ran through all of them (a first time *grins*). Maybe because the air is cleaner/fresher there. Mind you, there are cows there too. Very kampung like scenery at some point. 

And it was fun too, because a few of my friends were running too.

 Steve, Masyur, Izyan (she is a sub1hr now!)

The otais! Tulan, Cicak, and Bad

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running at Desa Park City

I dont train much before this. I'm not a hardcore. I've met hardcores. I've met gila runners and I've also met "i have to run everyday" runners.

I dont train every day, i dont even train every week, heck i dont even train every month. I can go on for a month without running. So what I did usually is to run a few 10k runs before any events. Was it beneficial? In some way yes, but mostly no. Running requires a big commitment, I think. It requires a person to clock in all the miles. But of course every one can run, only the timing gonna be different.

If i dont run often and i participated in a race, i'll get really tired, fast. I'll manage to finish it, but that is it. If i train, i'll be much faster.

The fact that I smoke a lot, it doesnt help much either.

So for 2012, this is what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna train more, and I'm gonna run longer distance. It sounds like a plan, and i hope it is not too ambitious for me. Why now? It is just that for once, i want to do something properly. Like putting my heart and effort into it and still have fun while at it.

2-3 runs a week should be a good number to start with and hopefully from there i'll progress.

So today I went for a run, a night run, at desa park city. my first time there, my first time having my training run outside of kota damansara actually. All this while i've been running the same route; the 10k in kota damansara and the 9k from home to rasta route. So this is really new for me. lol

When i started running, i ran with aie almost all the time. But when he decided not to run middle last year, I ended up running alone at night, early morning, around kota damansara; which was fine by the way.

So tonight, I ran at a totally new place, with a new running partner. It was a good run and it was fun. My missus, the adios went for a run with a new mister, the tempo. lol Talked for a bit, Ran for a bit.

Ran for 5km with a time of 30:43. the pace was fine, but my right knee still hurts from all the pounding on the pavement. Started to get the pain from all the downhill running during the MPIB run. Reminder, work out the leg more often.

We'll see. Oh btw, today i'm on my 2nd pack. Too much? Yes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

First run for the year, finally!

Last weekend was fun!

Hung out with Zul and Aie during the day Saturday, went for house hunting which was fun and tiring; a bit of football at gardens in the evening and Rasta session (as usual) at night. Were talking and laughing all night till 4am. It was indeed fun. We were uni mates, we were housemates and it is really fun to meet and hang out once in a while like we used to do.

Sunday, 8.01.2012 - MPIB Run 2012, Flag Off - Padang Merbok (12km)

Went for this run with Izyan and Steve. I didn't even register for this run. Lari Curi-Curi, Lari Lanun, Lari Gambit syle (it all means the same). Didnt sleep for the whole night just to make sure that I dont miss the run. lol. Oh not to forget, this is my first run with my new missus, the adiZero Adios 2!

They flagged off the female participants 10 minutes earlier before the male, so that means I wouldnt be able to run with Izyan like the Nike We Run KL. So it was just Steve and me. All in all, the route was crazy! It was hilly, and for someone like me; who never did a training run at the hills, it was really really tiring.
But i managed to finish the 11.6km run(as per my ever trusted garmin) in 1hr13mins53secs, an average pace of 6:23/km. Not bad i think. Not so bad.

 To my right, my sifu, the one that made me started running. So if you bump into him during one of the run, don't forget to say hi!

 The three of us, Izyan, Steve and me. Izyan managed to finish in 1"15' bravo!

Check out the missus, bright orange. the reason why i wore the orange nike shirt :P

Oh I still smoke a pack a day. Need to start my stop smoking plan asap.

Next run; Mizuno Wave Run (10km) @ UPM on 15 Jan 2012.

6.01.2012 - The Significance.

I am a runner that smokes. Well, that is not true. The truth is, I am a smoker that runs.
I smoke a pack a day for the past 8 years; sometimes two packs a day. And I only started running late 2010; 10.10.2010 to be exact, my first competitive run, the inaugural We Run KL 10k by Nike Malaysia.

Been in love for 4 years, good relationship; but it was not meant to be and it ended last year.

So here the boring part (as if it was interesting before); my dreams for 2012.
  1. Quit smoking completely. 
  2. Run a BQ (for non-running readers, i'll explain what is a BQ one of these days)
  3. Find a true love. The least important one, but I still want to believe that true love exists for all of us.
So you get the idea right? My posts in this blog will be basically about me chasing after those dreams.
After all, sometimes dreams do come true.

But why start today and not 1.1.2012? No reason, i choose to start today because today is also the day i am handing in my resignation letter. :) I've been wanting to leave for so long, and only today i actually have the gut to do it.

Until next time.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recap - Running.

I believe I’ve done well for myself last year, in term of running. Started running since 10.10.2010 and in 2011, I finally ran my first full marathon; which was the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM); completed in 5hrs42mins – my running was erratic, still doesn’t know how to pace myself back then. A good thing about running a new distance for the first time; it will be a personal best no matter how slow or how fast. The moment I crossed the finish line, ……………..…………….… (No word to describe exactly what I felt, sheer enjoyment/disbelief?). One thing for sure, I was very proud of myself J

True to the saying that once you start, you can’t stop; in November 2011 I ran my second full marathon. This time we; that’s Masyur, Mat Rock, Afiza, Muzlifah, Izyan, Adi, Diana and me; drove up north to run the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM). Since it is only my 2nd full Marathon, I didn’t put my hopes up too high. I read a few articles; that your second full marathon will be harder than your first; their reason is that when you run your first full marathon, you are basically running full of adrenaline and excitement.  Being reminded of that, I just want to improve my time and run at my usual pace (by this time, I have known what is my pace).

Apart from the two significant events in my life, I also ran two half marathons and a few 10km races. So here is a list of all the runs that I participated in 2011.

So, in 2011, I ran two full marathons (PB: 4hrs20mins for PBIM)

  1. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 – 5hrs42mins 
  2. Penang Bridge International Marathon – 4hrs20mins

Two half marathons (PB: 2hrs26mins for Putrajaya Night Marathon)
  1. Energizer Night Race – 2hrs45mins
  2. Putrajaya Night Marathon – 2hrs26mins

and other distances run (PB: 1hr04mins for Nike We Run KL).
  1. Siemens (10km) – 1hr7mins
  2. Nike We Run KL (10km) – 1hr4mins
  3. Men’s Health Night Run (12.3km) – 1hr18mins
  4. Adidas King of The Road (16.8km) – 1hr50mins
So what is coming up in 2012? We’ll see.