Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recap - Running.

I believe I’ve done well for myself last year, in term of running. Started running since 10.10.2010 and in 2011, I finally ran my first full marathon; which was the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM); completed in 5hrs42mins – my running was erratic, still doesn’t know how to pace myself back then. A good thing about running a new distance for the first time; it will be a personal best no matter how slow or how fast. The moment I crossed the finish line, ……………..…………….… (No word to describe exactly what I felt, sheer enjoyment/disbelief?). One thing for sure, I was very proud of myself J

True to the saying that once you start, you can’t stop; in November 2011 I ran my second full marathon. This time we; that’s Masyur, Mat Rock, Afiza, Muzlifah, Izyan, Adi, Diana and me; drove up north to run the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM). Since it is only my 2nd full Marathon, I didn’t put my hopes up too high. I read a few articles; that your second full marathon will be harder than your first; their reason is that when you run your first full marathon, you are basically running full of adrenaline and excitement.  Being reminded of that, I just want to improve my time and run at my usual pace (by this time, I have known what is my pace).

Apart from the two significant events in my life, I also ran two half marathons and a few 10km races. So here is a list of all the runs that I participated in 2011.

So, in 2011, I ran two full marathons (PB: 4hrs20mins for PBIM)

  1. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 – 5hrs42mins 
  2. Penang Bridge International Marathon – 4hrs20mins

Two half marathons (PB: 2hrs26mins for Putrajaya Night Marathon)
  1. Energizer Night Race – 2hrs45mins
  2. Putrajaya Night Marathon – 2hrs26mins

and other distances run (PB: 1hr04mins for Nike We Run KL).
  1. Siemens (10km) – 1hr7mins
  2. Nike We Run KL (10km) – 1hr4mins
  3. Men’s Health Night Run (12.3km) – 1hr18mins
  4. Adidas King of The Road (16.8km) – 1hr50mins
So what is coming up in 2012? We’ll see.

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