Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running at Desa Park City

I dont train much before this. I'm not a hardcore. I've met hardcores. I've met gila runners and I've also met "i have to run everyday" runners.

I dont train every day, i dont even train every week, heck i dont even train every month. I can go on for a month without running. So what I did usually is to run a few 10k runs before any events. Was it beneficial? In some way yes, but mostly no. Running requires a big commitment, I think. It requires a person to clock in all the miles. But of course every one can run, only the timing gonna be different.

If i dont run often and i participated in a race, i'll get really tired, fast. I'll manage to finish it, but that is it. If i train, i'll be much faster.

The fact that I smoke a lot, it doesnt help much either.

So for 2012, this is what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna train more, and I'm gonna run longer distance. It sounds like a plan, and i hope it is not too ambitious for me. Why now? It is just that for once, i want to do something properly. Like putting my heart and effort into it and still have fun while at it.

2-3 runs a week should be a good number to start with and hopefully from there i'll progress.

So today I went for a run, a night run, at desa park city. my first time there, my first time having my training run outside of kota damansara actually. All this while i've been running the same route; the 10k in kota damansara and the 9k from home to rasta route. So this is really new for me. lol

When i started running, i ran with aie almost all the time. But when he decided not to run middle last year, I ended up running alone at night, early morning, around kota damansara; which was fine by the way.

So tonight, I ran at a totally new place, with a new running partner. It was a good run and it was fun. My missus, the adios went for a run with a new mister, the tempo. lol Talked for a bit, Ran for a bit.

Ran for 5km with a time of 30:43. the pace was fine, but my right knee still hurts from all the pounding on the pavement. Started to get the pain from all the downhill running during the MPIB run. Reminder, work out the leg more often.

We'll see. Oh btw, today i'm on my 2nd pack. Too much? Yes.


  1. i bet your new running partner is a-we-so-me kan? ;)

  2. You could say that. My new running partner is A-we-so-me la jugak.