Monday, January 9, 2012

First run for the year, finally!

Last weekend was fun!

Hung out with Zul and Aie during the day Saturday, went for house hunting which was fun and tiring; a bit of football at gardens in the evening and Rasta session (as usual) at night. Were talking and laughing all night till 4am. It was indeed fun. We were uni mates, we were housemates and it is really fun to meet and hang out once in a while like we used to do.

Sunday, 8.01.2012 - MPIB Run 2012, Flag Off - Padang Merbok (12km)

Went for this run with Izyan and Steve. I didn't even register for this run. Lari Curi-Curi, Lari Lanun, Lari Gambit syle (it all means the same). Didnt sleep for the whole night just to make sure that I dont miss the run. lol. Oh not to forget, this is my first run with my new missus, the adiZero Adios 2!

They flagged off the female participants 10 minutes earlier before the male, so that means I wouldnt be able to run with Izyan like the Nike We Run KL. So it was just Steve and me. All in all, the route was crazy! It was hilly, and for someone like me; who never did a training run at the hills, it was really really tiring.
But i managed to finish the 11.6km run(as per my ever trusted garmin) in 1hr13mins53secs, an average pace of 6:23/km. Not bad i think. Not so bad.

 To my right, my sifu, the one that made me started running. So if you bump into him during one of the run, don't forget to say hi!

 The three of us, Izyan, Steve and me. Izyan managed to finish in 1"15' bravo!

Check out the missus, bright orange. the reason why i wore the orange nike shirt :P

Oh I still smoke a pack a day. Need to start my stop smoking plan asap.

Next run; Mizuno Wave Run (10km) @ UPM on 15 Jan 2012.

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