Monday, January 16, 2012

Mizuno Wave Run 2012 – Universiti Putra Malaysia

This is a run that I didn’t even plan on running. Heck, I didn’t even register for this run. I guess I have to thank Izuan for this. It’s a funny story on how Azu, Nana and me (all 3 of us didn’t register for this run initially) signed up for the run at the very last minute. 
This what happened during lunch:
Izuan : "I need to go to curve today!"
Me : "Nape?"
Izuan : "Nak collect race pack for Mizuno Wave Run"

So of we go to curve to collect Izuan's race pack.
At the collection booth, Izuan took out his blackberry to check his email for the proof of payment/registration confirmation.

A picture worth a thousand words.
Izuan : "Alamak, tak register la rupanya!!"

So that is how we ended up registering for the run, all four of us.

At the start of the paragraph, I wrote “This is a run that I didn’t even plan on running”. Why? The very reason is on the name of the race itself, Mizuno WAVE Run. It is organized by the Pacesetter and the route has been well known to be hilly every year. I'm not kidding, i hate hills. Usually (read: all the time) I will just walk up the hills and run the downhills. 

So this is the 2nd race of the year i joined.

But this is a run that i did not regret joining, managed to finish the run in 55mins40secs. a PB for 10k!! All four of us managed to complete it within 1 hour. Not a big deal for most people, but it is a big deal for me. For the first time i managed a sub-1hr for a 10km run :)

Despite all the hills, I ran through all of them (a first time *grins*). Maybe because the air is cleaner/fresher there. Mind you, there are cows there too. Very kampung like scenery at some point. 

And it was fun too, because a few of my friends were running too.

 Steve, Masyur, Izyan (she is a sub1hr now!)

The otais! Tulan, Cicak, and Bad

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