Monday, April 30, 2012

Mondays we all hate em'

Happy Mondays everyone!
"Happy Mondays" is an English alternative rock band from Salford, Greater Manchester. You should check them out if you are bored in the office, like myself :p
In late 1990, Paul McCartney stated:
I saw the Happy Mondays on TV, and they reminded me of the Beatles in their 'Strawberry Fields' phase
I hope everyone is working hard today. My work so far today; boring and slow paced.
Hard work never killed anybody - But why take the risk? :p

On the other hand, Borneo International Marathon is this coming weekend, a few of my friends will be running, so good luck to all of you and happy running! May the force be with you! (I just learned that May 4th is the annual Star Wars Day :p ).

Imagine running in this suit. A-we-so-me :D

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