Thursday, April 5, 2012

Official Launch - Zalora 5.4.12

Today mark the official launch of the new Zalora online shopping website for Malaysia. 

The people at Rocket Internet calls this a disruptive innovation, where they are going to change how people going to shop.
Instead of selling clothes from generic brands, they decided to go big by bringing brands that most people would want to buy from a mall. They have from low end to high end clothing and accessories for both gender! They are being really aggressive with their strategy here.

A brief look at the list of the brands that they are selling on their website, you'll understand when I said that they are being aggressive.

I was a bit skeptical, knowing that if you were to buy an expensive clothing e.g. Ralph Lauren; you would want to have the Ralph Lauren paper bag upon purchasing the item, enabling you to carry it around the mall. It's not about arrogance, it just gives some people the satisfaction that they wanted when they buy high end items.

But they believe that they can change all that. With most people (Gen X & Gen Y) are getting busier with their ever hectic work/life/social schedule, less time will be available to do their shopping. It is a proven business model in the Western Countries, where the public are more willing to buy items online and they are dreaming of bringing the culture here. Plus shopping online saves you from all the hassle of travelling to malls (traffic jams, petrol, parking). So you get to save time and money. Parking fares and petrol are not exactly cheap nowadays.

So to make it possible, to instill the confidence among the public that online shopping is the way to go, Zalora has decided to ship for free and there is also the 30 days return. Of course there is a term&conditions for everything.

Here is a promotional video from their website

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