Monday, March 5, 2012

1 Vision Run - Padang Merbuk 4.3.12

My third race/run of the year. For this run, I was running with the people from COBC; a whole lot of them. This is also a birthday run for Sarge Nawal Aini.

The run started of a bit later than scheduled,
by then most of the runners are aware that this run is not properly organised. Never mind then, as long as we can run safely and have fun; that is fine with us.

I started the run slowly for the first km, considering that I was only half awake. :P Kept asking myself why did I register for this run; otherwise I would be in bed enjoying my Sunday; sleeping.

After the kilometer 2, I started to force myself to run my usual pace, wanting to get over with this race as soon as possible. The thought of the birthday cake waiting at the finish line really did help. There were a few hills (again; i hate hills) in this route, and i walk most of them. They were too steep! So as usual I followed my old strategy, walk the hills, run the flats.

I completed the run in 55mins07secs. An improvement by seconds compared to Mizuno Wave Run. Never mind, I'll take it anyways. Seconds does count no? Sarge Nawal were right in front of me when I crossed the finish line.

 A PB for Sarge Nawal on her birthday run! Congrats!

The whole lot from COBC.

The cake was really nice, and as we all are adults, we ensure that no cake is wasted on silly cake fight.



  1. good run there, yay for Cake :)

  2. I wish I can run better/faster. But for the cake, yay definitely! Haha