Saturday, March 10, 2012

LSD with the COBC

Chief Original Boot Camp

You may have seen these group people a few times, either at dawn or at dusk over at your local field.
these are the people from the COBC (taken from here)

COBC is a military inspired work-out, not your average gym workout I supposed; for more information on COBC you can go to their official website here

I'm not part of COBC and I have never attended any of their training, but I have been running with them on weekends. A lot of the bootcampers started running and most of them will be doing their first half marathon/full marathon either in Borneo International Marathon or Bali International Marathon. They are clearly a very fun bunch of people.

Rather than going to the gym, do your workout (most times not knowing what to do, unless you hire a PT) and go home; you can actually join the COBC and actually work in teams and make new friends.

So yes, since they started running every weekend, I've been running/freeloading their weekly run. 
 Putrajaya LSD
 Damansara Heights LSD
 Desa Park City LSD
1 Vision Run

Maybe..I said maybe..One day I'll go and try one of their bootcamp session. :p

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