Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is going on?

Its 22nd of March 2012, and I have clocked 147km to date.
I started to run on a more regular basis, been running LSD (Long Slow Distance) almost every Sunday, if not once a week. Some people clock 100km if not more on a monthly basis but I am happy with where I am right now. A big improvement I might add. Oh not to forget, I started doing weight training too; every fortnight, not sure if it gonna help with my running, but I'm running without much pain nowadays.

For the past two years, I only run whenever I feel like it (believe me, I don't feel like running every single day). So what happened most of the time is that I'll start my running/training one week or two week at most before any races. Probably the reason why I keep 'pancit-ing' at all my races, having to struggle to finish any races be it 10ks, half, or full marathons. Now, I cant wait for the next run, the next races. I actually look forward to my Sunday LSDs.

Now I run in groups, at least I'm no longer alone during any of my runs. Got to know a few more "seasoned/experienced" runners which is kinda good. I also do not remember when was the last time I run my 10km Kota Damansara route; most of my running now are somewhere between TTDI - Damansara Heights - Bukit Tunku - Hartamas. Even if I were to run alone, I'm not alone. Plenty of runners there. Some are very warm and friendly, will say good morning at any runner they meet; some are very serious, probably training for something. I'm just happy to run at my pace, losing myself in the zone, in my own vacuum, where nothing will hurt me or break me.

So what happened between last year and this year? Why the sudden change? That is for your to find out.
All I can tell, I'm running happy now.

And here is a great movie that I love, watched it way back before I started running. :)

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